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Listen Anywhere Via Our Podcasts

Our weekly classes are available as audio podcasts through iTunes. iTunes is an internet based site that houses audio and video teachings and music. Podcasts are simply free teachings or songs in a specific format for iTunes.

Click here to see a full list of Son Rise Podcasts on Itunes and to listen to a preview of any teaching. These sermons and teachings are also available on our Teachings page, many of them in video format with notes and outlines. There are 200+ teachings available for you.

Don’t already have iTunes? You can download it for free by visiting:

Why podcasts?

  • Subscribing to our teachings will prompt iTunes to send the weekly teachings directly to your iTunes account. You no longer need to go and find them.
  • Once in your iTunes account you can burn the teachings onto a CD, listen on the computer or sync it into your phone or ipod and take it with you wherever you go.

When you have the program downloaded and an account set up,

  • Go to the iTunes store, the tab is located on the left hand column.   
  • In the iTunes store, look at the top right corner, you will find a search field located there.
  • In that box type, “Son Rise Church and Ministries” and click enter.
  • Click on the appropriate picture for our ministry.
  • Now you see the whole list of available podcasts. You can listen to the teachings right there.
  • If you want to put the teachings in your iTunes account click on “free” box at the right and each teaching will be sent to your iTunes account.
  • If you want all new teachings to come to you automatically each week, click on “subscribe” found at the left column.

Where do I find the podcasts in my iTunes account?

  • Go back to your personal account. At the top of the left hand column, you will see “library”. Under that section you will see “podcasts”. They are located there.
  • You can also set up podcasts to go directly to your phone where iTunes is available.

How do I burn a CD?

  • In your personal account, click on “file” then click on “new playlist”. Under the playlist section a new box will appear. In that box you will see “untitled playlist” highlighted in blue. Click “backspace” button and then type in the title of the teaching and click enter.
  • Go to your podcast page, click on the picture of the podcast and drag the picture to the titled playlist. The podcast will move into that playlist.
  • Click on the playlist and you should see the teaching listed there.
  • Click on “file” again and then click on “burn playlist to disc.”
  • Follow all the prompts to burn it onto the disc.

How do I sync (put them into) to my ipod?

  • When you connect you ipod to your computer, you will see your ipod show up under the “Devices” category as it begins to syn. Click on it.
  • On the next page at the top you will see categories, music, video, apps, and podcasts. Click on teachings will go into your ipod.