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Teaching & Ministry Curriculum:

You are now able to access teaching and ministry 24 hours a day & 7 days a week. We have made it easy for you, just click the link for each teaching and it will take you directly to the page for that teaching. On the page you are able to play or download the video or audio, and the notes if they are available.  As John reteaches the newer teachings are added below. There is deliverance ministry at the conclusion of most of the teaching sessions. Viewing these teachings in the suggested order will help you to comprehend the biblical principles involved in becoming whole, well and free.   Please click on the MEDIA MENU once on the page for any teaching. If there is a 'download PDF' opion, click on that link to view the notes. The notes are meant to be a help only, and are not a substitute for the teaching and ministry. Be in prayer and relationship with God. Many have experienced freedom and healing when cooperating with God in knowing the truth which makes them free, repenting and participating in the deliverance and continuing in God's Word.

Please first view the FOUNDATION SERIES teachings in suggested order, then view the PRINCIPALITY SERIES in their suggested order. If we do not yet have a teaching posted, then check Itunes for that teaching in audio format.  

Some help for you accessing the media files:

When you click on the link, it will bring you to a page. Note on the left there is a MEDIA MENU like the one shown below. Click on the MEDIA MENU, and choose Play Video (or download video, play or download audio):


When you click on the MEDIA MENU, the other options appear as shown below:

These are from the FOUNDATION SERIES.

We encourage you view them in the suggested order for learning precept upon precept (click on the name of the teaching to access its media menu):

1. The Broken Heart NEW! (New teaching added November 2014)

2. The Father's Love 

3. Biblical Foundations for Healing

     Biblical Foundations for Healing Pt1  

     Bibilcal Foundations for Healing Pt2 

4. Sin & Spirit World Realities NEW!(Teaching updated & added November 2014)

5. Trauma 

6. Seven Steps to Sin (James 1) & Separation (Romans 7)  (older teaching)

7. Romans 7 Separation (New Teaching, newly updated Thanksgiving 2014)

8.Blocks to Healing & Pathways to Health

    Blocks to Healing & Pathways to Health Pt1

    Blocks to Healing & Pathways to Health Pt2 

9. Overview (Introduction to) Spiritual Warfare  (NEW Teaching - Updated Thanksgiving 2014)

10.Eight R's to Freedom (New Teaching - Updated December 2014)

11. Walkout

12. Fear, Stress & Phyisology

     Fear Stress & Physiology (What Fear Does to You & How to Stop It Pt1)

     Fear Stress & Physiology (What Fear Does to You & How to Stop It Pt2)

13. Discussion of Profiles of Spiritual Roots of Specific Diseases & Disease Types  

      Profiles of Roots of Disease Pt1[coming soon] 

      Profiles of Roots of Disease Pt2 [coming soon]

14. Baptism With the Holy Spirit [John is teaching on this currently, and there is more coming soon*]

      The Ministry of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit Pt1 

      The Ministry of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit Pt2  

15. Gifts of the Holy Spirit

       Gifts of the Holy Spirit Pt1

       Gifts of the Holy Spirit Pt2 

16 . How to Minister to Yourself



These are the PRINCIPALITY Series Teachings. We encourage you to first view the foundation series, then view these teachings, also in the order suggested below:

1. Bitterness  

2. Accusation 

3. Envy & Jealousy 

4. Rejection & Abandonment 

5. Anti-Christ Unloving Spirits:

    Anti-Christ Unloving Spirits Pt1 

    Anti-Christ Unloving Spirits Pt2 

6. Fear

    Fear Pt1 

    Fear Pt2 

    Fear Pt3 

7. Occultism (including teaching on Addictions) - NEWLY UPDATED

    Occultism Pt1 (New Teaching Added May 2015!)

    Occultism Pt2 (Addictions - New Teaching Added June 2015!)

    Occultism Pt3 (Addictions - New Teaching Added June 2015!)

8. NEW (2015 Addictions coming soon in May/June 2015)

    Addictions 2014 can be found in the Teaching Library

8. Patriarchal/Matriarchal & Passive/Passive-Aggressive Profiles

9. The Jezebel Spirit

       The Jezebel Spirit Pt1

       The Jezebel Spirit Pt2

       The Jezebel Spirit Pt3